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The gift of an art watch that embodies all the passion of Venice and whose incomparable beauty will enchant you.

Made of certified authentic Murano glass, your YUNIK wristwatch stands out for its resistance.

However, as is customary when acquiring a small work of art, it is important to avoid any unnecessary stress, such as shocks on a hard surface. This product is purely handcrafted, made individually and manually with natural materials that can sometimes present particular roughness specific to the different manufacturing processes (air microbubbles). It is precisely these unique parameters that give the product its magical and mysterious character.


The watch is splash-proof.

Your YUNIK watch is guaranteed for two years on the basis of the warranty voucher attached to your watch. The warranty begins on the day of purchase. It is valid for all YUNIK watches purchased directly from YUNIK or from an authorized retailer whose warranty voucher has been completed. The warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship. All adjustment, repair or replacement work on spare parts is carried out free of charge during this period.


The following are excluded:

Replacing the battery. - Wear and aging due to normal use (including discoloration of non-metallic materials of the strap or links such as leather, textile, rubber, etc.). Inconveniences resulting from inappropriate or abusive use, lack of maintenance, negligence and accidents (knocks, dents, crushing, glass breakage, etc.), and this to any part of the watch.- Any mishandling. - Failure to comply with the instructions for the use of YUNIK watches. - Indirect or consequential damage of any kind, non-functioning, defects or lack of precision of the YUNIK watch as a result of an accident, the intervention of an unauthorized third party (in particular for battery replacement, provision of services or repairs), and any modification of the original condition of the watch outside the control of YUNIK.

The warranty does not cover the leather straps, glass elements, glass case, or normal wear and tear of the watch. In the event that YUNIK is unable to repair the watch, YUNIK will endeavour to replace it with a YUNIK watch with comparable or similar features. The warranty of the replacement watch expires two years after receipt of the replacement watch. The manufacturer expressly excludes any claims against YUNIK, in particular in connection with damages not mentioned in this warranty voucher, except for the legal rights that the purchaser may assert. This manufacturer's warranty does not affect the obligations of the seller to the buyer. It is independent of any guarantee granted by the point of sale, for which the latter is solely responsible. In the event of a complaint, please send your YUNIK watch, along with its warranty voucher, to the authorized YUNIK retailer from whom you purchased the watch or directly to our repair department at the following coordinates:


Rue Victor-Helg 18 - Delemont - JURA - SUISSE

+41 32 422 93 00

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